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The key to any successful implementation is enthusiastic adoption. If users understand why the new solution is being implemented, what their role is, the requirements on them, the benefits to them and benefits to the business, they are much more likely to change old habits and make good use of the new tools.

As part of any project Innovative will help you consider these factors and develop the right enablement for your staff, whether that be your own in-house training, informal one on one knowledge transfer, delivery of formal Micro Focus training courses or tailoring of bespoke training.

Our consultants have extensive experience of delivering formal the Micro Focus training courses. These courses are developed in conjunction with the Micro Focus product development and support organisations and benefit from the feedback from 100’s of previous deliveries. They generally consist of 50% lecture 50% lab (‘see it , do it’ training). They are ideal for situations where customers need a deep understanding of the product and plan to go on and support the product themselves.

Where customer staff are more experienced (perhaps with a background in the technology but not familiar with the latest release), an informal Knowledge Transfer during the services engagement is sometimes appropriate.

And where wider but more basic training is required (eg for operations or help desk teams ), we can set up a series of short face to face or webinar training sessions. The benefit of webinars is that they can be recorded and used for further ad hoc training and with new staff as part of their on-boarding and enablement.