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27 Apr

HPE Customer Appreciation Programme (CAP) for Migrations

HPE is rationalising the Software product offerings and grouping them into Suites.

Most of these suites come in three flavours:

  • Express – basic and sometimes even free
  • Premium – the ‘general use’ edition
  • Ultimate – for clients with the most complex and demanding use cases

Existing customers (with a valid support contract) can choose to migrate to these new suites. If you are buying additional capacity this is sometimes mandatory.

But you can migrate at any time (called a ‘mid term support migration’) and the HPE CAP means your migration should be at worst neutral but in general beneficial to you, offering some form of additional feature, function or capacity – even if it is just giving you a taste of something you might want to buy!

Well worth looking at!


Steve Asser

Founder of the company back in 2006. Having spent 15+ years in the Enterprise Management space, I still get excited as technology advances and the tools strive to keep up!

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