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4 May

HPE Ops Bridge embraces Containers

HPE Product Management is continuing their confident march towards containerization. Both as a delivery mechanism for their products and as a technology platform they need to support. Ops Agents are now Docker Certified….

With the Management Pack for Docker, HPE Operations Bridge automatically detects and monitors:

  • Containers that are present in a Docker host
  • Docker Swarm cluster status
  • Any new containers that are added, stopped or removed at run time
  • New Dock hosts that are added to the Docker Swarm cluster
  • Applications (MongoDB & MySQL) running inside containers at run time
  • Real time streaming of performance metrics for Docker Containers and Hosts

More detail available here:

Steve Asser

Founder of the company back in 2006. Having spent 15+ years in the Enterprise Management space, I still get excited as technology advances and the tools strive to keep up!

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