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2 Nov

BVD Trend Arrow Widget now available

As part of our ongoing commitment to BVD and our customer base we are constantly introducing Widgets.

The trend arrow provides a smoothly animated arrow depicting changing trends in your data.

The widget comprises a number of configurable elements:

  • Title – the title of your widget, this should provide pertinent information about the data being displayed
  • Subtitle – may be omitted or provide further detail
  • Data value – this is the raw value from the data provided to BVD. Due to space constraints, this is limited to one decimal place
  • Data value unit – may be omitted, or detail what unit or type of data is being displayed
  • Trend arrow – there are a number of configurable options here
    • The upward and downward angle of the arrow may be altered. The default is 45 degrees as the arrow design lends itself well to this.
    • The colour of the arrow may be altered according to the data type. In the above example of a server’s CPU load, a downward trend is set to be green, as this is a positive outcome. This may not always be appropriate, for example, a downward trend in units sold could be made red. The colour chosen here is also used as the font colour for the delta value.
  • Delta value – this is the difference between the current data value and the previous data value


Steve Asser

Founder of the company back in 2006. Having spent 15+ years in the Enterprise Management space, I still get excited as technology advances and the tools strive to keep up!

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