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2 Nov

BVD Trend Arrow Widget now available

As part of our ongoing commitment to BVD and our customer base we are constantly introducing Widgets. The trend arrow provides a smoothly animated arrow depicting changing trends in your data. The widget comprises a number of configurable elements: Title – the title of your widget, this should provide pertinent information about the data being displayed Subtitle – may be omitted or provide further detail Data value – this is the raw value from the data provided to BVD. Due to space constraints, this is limited to one decimal place Data value unit – may be omitted, or detail what unit or type of data is being displayed Trend arrow – there are a number of configurable options here The upward and...
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30 May

(SITS) Show at Olympia next week!

We're looking forward to the SITS Show at Olympia next week. This free-to-attend event is a must-see for IT Professionals looking to enhance or improve their organisation's Help Desk capabilities. Innovative IT will be supporting the HPE Stand and we'll be sharing updates about containerization and how it will enable HPE to deliver all the capabilities of Service Anywhere without tying you to any single cloud or service provider. HPE ITSMA, with its intuitive user interface, codeless configuration & built in big data analytics is surely the way to go!...
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